2. Personalised approach


Local authorities’ digital interface (website, apps on smart phones, etc.) need to understand the needs of the user, and be written with a positive, proactive and conversational voice that breaks down barriers.

They should allow the user to customise the information and advice around their particular life situation.

Personalisation is key – no two people will have exactly the same needs, social situation and history.

To do this, the information needs to be easy to customise, users should be able to see what is most important to them.

The website should focus on offering positive support to people as they transition through challenging moments in their lives, which can be extremely stressful.

By customising the information, the user should be able to build a ‘wellbeing plan’ that meets many of their needs – one size does not fit all .

The digital offer should be empathetic to the users – it should be positive, simple to use and allow the user to customise the information in a way that allows them to best meet their own needs.

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