Here are the top eight recommendations for Local Authorities’ online presence:

1. End-to-end service

Any digital system needs to support people from the moment of identifying their needs through to the day-to-day delivery of their support and care.

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2. Personalised approach

People want and expect their online interactions to be empathetic.

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3. Integration with Council services

Digital services can no longer be seen as an ‘add on’ to existing processes. Processes need to be redesigned around the digital offer.

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4. Open market place

The online portal should be the gateway to a single market of support which expands as an individual’s needs change.

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5. Interaction

The digital prowess of the user should not be that important. Local authorities’ platforms should not be a test in advanced digital navigational skills. Keep it clean, keep it simple, keep it clear.

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6. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Learn to replicate the best in class, draw on the seemingly unrelated solutions to meet the local problem or opportunity.

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7. Single point of access, coordination and support

To support integration, reduce duplication and improve access to services and support, the digital offer should be developed and led by a single point of access.

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8. Openness and transparency

Expectations of service quality, waiting times and access are higher now than ever .

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A good digital offer is not a stand-alone solution made up of static web pages that simply list processes for people to follow or search through.

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